PBS Kids is a great alternative to watching non educational TV

I was going to touch on this topic sometime next week but figured why not do it now. If you have a technology age child, then chances are they absolutely love watching TV. Some prefer to sit in front of the TV screen for hours than go outside to play. First off, let me just say, children need active time. You can limit TV time to a few hours a day or only for rewards. I limit TV time to just weekends providing we were good in school all week. Because of the love for TV, I have found a very useful way to blend it into our reward system. Now, if you child must watch TV, why not let them learn while doing what they love. This is the number 1 reason I recommend PBS Kids. PBS kids has an awesome amount of educational shows and a great app you can download to watch shows. It has come in very useful in our household. Thanks to shows like Dinosaur Train, Wild Kratts, Odd Squad, Cyberchase and so much more, they wont even realize they are learning while doing what they love. To me, PBS kids is a win win situation.

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