Effective way to teach kids how to tell time + Video

Is your first or second grader struggling with telling time? Telling time seems easy if you are used to it but for a child that is just learning, it can be confusing. The best way to teach a child how to tell time is to incorporate it into daily life. Practice makes perfect. It is also a good idea to have both analog and digital clocks at home.

Effective way to teach kids how to tell time

Real Life Situations

When they wake up, have them tell you what time it is. During the course of the day, have them tell you what time it is while doing important activities. When they are ready for bed, also have them tell you what time it is. This will help them get used to telling time and also know the difference between A.M and P.M. You can get an adjustable wall clock or make one and have your child change the time to fit the situation.


Effective way to teach kids how to tell time flashcards

We got these really cool flash cards that teach you how to tell time. It has different styles of clock so if you get confused reading analog clocks without numbers on them, this will be helpful. You can also create your own flashcards at home using construction paper. That would double as a fun art project.

How to tell time video

We are always looking for additional ways to enforce what we learn so we found this cool video on telling time. It will be helpful to your kids.

These are some effective ways we have used to tell time. Telling time is one of those activities you get used to over time but because of grade level expectations, parents may feel pressure if they have a child struggling with this task. These methods are both fun and educative. We hope they are helpful to you.

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