Cool Finds – Magnetic Numbers Math Problem Solving Board

It is always awesome when we find a new learning tool that can help make learning even more fun. We recently purchased a magnetic numbers sentence board and it has been quiet helpful.

Magnetic Numbers used to solve math problems

We purchased the magnetic board with numbers to help with our math practice. It comes with one erasable board, one dry marker and 54 magnets with numbers and symbols on them. I like this board because it makes math practice fun. I also like it because magnets are cool. On the package, it is called the Number Sentence board. We got ours at Target. If you enjoy sticking magnets on your parents refrigerator, you will like this board.

Cool Finds - Magnetic Math Problem Solving Board 2

Some cool things about this board is that we can use it to solve several problems at once. If you are using the magnets, you do not have to erase, you can just take them off. If you decide to use the marker instead, the board is a dry erase magnetic board so it is easy to erase. You can take it along with you on trips or to school because it is portable.

I will be using mine for multiplication and division practice but it can be used for addition, subtraction, decimals and more. I feel this math board will appeal to Pre K to Elementary School grades.The magnetic squares with numbers and symbols on them are about an inch wide and long so we took them all out of the sheet they came in and kept them in a ziplock bag so they do not go missing.

It is a cool learning tool that would also be great for classrooms because kids can come up individually or in groups to solve math problems on them. I hope this cool find will be as helpful to you as it is to us. What cool finds have you seen lately?

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